Animal Control Contract on Agenda for Next Week's City-Council Meeting

Lafayette City-Council will Vote on the No Longer Extended Animal Control Contract with Broussard

Tuesday, November 13, 2012 - 6:08pm

  The city of Lafayette has animal control contracts with the majority of the cities in the parish.  This time around mayor Joey Durel has decided not to extend the expired contract with the city of Broussard.  Broussard was the only city in the parish that was not extended the animal control contract.

  "It doesn't make a lot of sense not to extend the contract, but to that end the city of Broussard is absolutely prepared to step in with what the alternative plan will be--which will be with St. Martin parish."--Amy Jones--City of Broussard Spokesperson

  The city of Broussard asked city-council to put the issue on the agenda for Lafayette city-council to vote whether Lafayette should re-new the contract or leave as is.  Depending on the vote will determine where the city of Broussard's long-term contract will be.

  "We would hope that the city understands that the city of Broussard is the second highest tax base in the parish."--Amy Jones

  Mayor Joey Durel says that not renewing the expired contract was a decision that the Broussard mayor and the Broussard city-council made.

  "We gave them an option of dropping the lawsuit that they have filed to prevent us from annexing our own golf course or they can discontinue the services.  They decided that the lawsuit to prevent us from annexing our golf course was more important to the citizens of Broussard than animal control was."--Mayor Durel

  Mayor Durel says ultimately, good neighbors do good neighborly things and that has not been the case with the city of Broussard.

  "They have chosen to not be good neighbors and we choose not to do business with them."--Mayor Durel

  Jones, on the other hand, reitterates that the city of Broussard wants to remain in business with the city of Lafayette.

  "The city of Boussard wants nothing more than to remain a good partner and neighbor in the parish of Lafayette and hopefully this issue will be able to be worked out."--Amy Jones

  The city-council meeting will be held next week where the expired animal control contract with Broussard will be on the agenda.

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