Running a Daycare Sounds Cute - How Hard Is It?

Wednesday, December 26, 2012 - 11:24am

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be in charge of a daycare?

Maybe you possess a passion for working with children or maybe you have a desire for being your own boss and working in a teaching capacity within a daycare operated in your own home. Regardless of your desires, early childhood education degree programs are booming.

With more and more parents going to work, the need for daycare is steadily increasing. Did you know the childcare profession is expected to grow by 20 percent by the year 2020?  If you are interested in running a daycare, here are some easy steps you will need to be aware of to get your daycare up and running:

* Obtain experience and pursue an early childhood education degree program to learn about developmental stages, nutrition, curriculum, “homepreneurship,” learning disabilities, and learning comprehension

* Research various types of daycares to become familiar with your options. Establish needed resources, equipment, and identify the layout of the daycare facility

* Develop a name for your daycare and create a business plan, identifying where your customers will likely come from. Decide if you will hire staff straight away, how many and determine staff qualifications

* Determine which age groups will be included within your daycare

* Research your state requirements. Keep in mind, each state has different qualifications, regulations, rules, registration, and guidelines. Then act on that research to obtain the required permits, licensure, and certifications.

* Identify funding options through state programs

Although running a daycare may sound simple, there are some further challenges you may confront that you need to be prepared to face. It is essential you understand the qualification requirements needed to begin the process. Many state programs require experience and the completion of an early childhood education degree program. In addition, you may face another hurdle of limited funding as you begin this journey.

It is important you assess the risks associated in establishing a daycare and the need to implement necessary precautions to protect the children, business, and yourself. Another important component to be aware of is your competition. Developing competitive rates, hours of operation, types of services, as well as the location of your daycare will all be contributing factors to your success in this market.   

As the need for quality daycare increases, it is essential you are equipped with the skills, education, and knowledge to face these challenges.  These easy and simple steps can get you on your way to developing a successful business and running your own daycare.  


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