Tips to Make Your Hospital Stay More Comfortable

Wednesday, May 22, 2013 - 1:38pm

Hospitals and health care professionals do their best to make your hospital stay as comfortable as possible. But, hospital staff has many patients to tend to in addition to hours of computer work. The following are few things you can do to make your hospital stay more pleasant. 

Bring a Helper
Friends and family are eager to assist and provide comfort. They do not always know what to do. Ask for help and be specific about what they can do (though keep the list short). They will be happy to oblige and feel better knowing that they actually did something productive to assist you. Ask someone to update others on your status, through texts or private messages. Having a friend or family member willing to do some of the foot work is a huge stress reliever.

  • Ask them to bring a note pad to write down questions for the doctor when the thoughts come to you. That way you will not be flustered when the opportunity to speak with the doctor arrives. They should be assertive enough to ask you pertinent questions about medications and after care.

  • Have them be in charge of acquiring things like ice and extra blankets. One person will become familiar with hospital staff and where things are located. It eliminates the need of providing tedious instructions to a different person each time you have a simple need.

  • Provide them a key to your house in advance. The same person can take care of picking up mail, feeding animals and watering plants. They can update you and ease your mind by assuring you that all is well at home while you are away.

Bring Comfort With You

  • If the hospital allows, family photos, a favorite pillow, or blanket will go a long way to making your hospital room a stress-free place to be.

  • The gowns provided by the hospital are famous for not providing the level of comfort and privacy most people desire. Your favorite house-robe or pajamas may be acceptable. Ask in advance what clothing you can bring for your stay. Companies like Landau Scrubs have been making unisex patient robes for decades, designed to be comfortable and practical.

  • Do not forget about your feet. If you have comfortable slippers - bring them. If you don't, browse footwear - shoes, slippers, slip-ons - offered by companies like Dickies, Cherokee, and Landau.

  • You may not have access to your favorite electronics. Bring books, magazines, puzzles, and your journal to pass the time and occupy your mind. Writing out your thoughts, concerns and experience help tame stress and worry.

There is a great feeling of comfort in knowing you have some control over your situation.


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