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New Year and New Loan: It Might be Time to Refinance

The New Year brings with it challenges and opportunities. As new budgets and new plans come together, this may be the appropriate time consider refinancing your current mortgage.

The Top 5 Dynasties in Sports

There are only a few teams in all of professional sports that are recognizable by their jersey design and logo. These teams have won multiple championships and dominated their sport like few other teams.

Running a Daycare Sounds Cute - How Hard Is It?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be in charge of a daycare?

It's Hibernation Time: Steps to Winterize Your Pool

Put the kids' floaties in the shed, remove the ladders from the side walls and store your springboard, it's hibernation time for your pool.

Why College Roommates Need Renters' Insurance

College season is back in full swing, and the dawn of a fresh semester brings new college roommates together for another year of

Does Every Business Need a Website?

If you are wondering whether a business can survive without a website, you are not alone. Online marketers around the world have been conducting research on this topic for years.