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Boustany at Polls

Confident about Outcome

Tuesday, November 6, 2012 - 6:33pm

  The congressional race between incumbents Charles Boustany and Jeff Landry has gotten heated and even sometimes nasty over this long campaign road toward election day.  We met up with Charles Boustany as he casted his vote today at the polling place to see how he is feeling about his chances and about the heated campaigning that has gone on with congressman Landry.

  "I feel very comfortable with where we are today and very happy about the outcome and the response we've gotten from across the district--Unfortunately, Mr. Landry's campaign took a nasty turn really was very critical of my record and often times was distorting my record and in fact they were caught red-handed in a number of lies and I think that is something thats going to bounce back and hurt him."--Congressman Boustany

   Boustany went on to say how excited he is that today is election day, and how excited he is about seeing how great the voter turnout seems to be this year.

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