Carencro Veterans Day Memorial Celebration

Carencro Community Center Hosts Veteran's Celebration

Thursday, November 8, 2012 - 4:15pm

  If there is one thing most veterans agree on, it's that having served in a war gives them a greater appreciation for life.

  "There isn't an aspect about life that hasn't been affected by my service in Vietnam--I had a soldier die in my arms, and when you know that you're the last person on earth to see him take his last breath and feel his last heart-beat those are moments that you never forget."--Lloyd King--Vietnam Veteran-Combat Infantry Leader

  Mr. King says that celebrations like today make he and the rest of the veterans feel appreciated, but veterans like Mr. King deserve more than just one day of recognition.  They will never forget the experiences they had to endure.

  "It brings back the memories of those that didn't make it home, my friends.  I lost my best friend in Vietnam."--Mr. King

  Veterans day doesn't only mean something to war veterans from years ago, it also means a great deal to soldiers today that have been deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  "Being over there for a total of about twenty-four months, it just kin of changes you in different ways and makes you appreciate the smaller things in life.  When it's cold outside and all you got is like you sleeping bag and some warm weather gear and its just like Man, I wanna get out the cold but I mean theres no heat so just kind of got to live with it."--Sergeant David Martinez

  I found Sergeant Martinez standing at a Toys for Tots booth and asked him what makes this program so special to soldiers like him.

  "The marine corps and the Toys for Tots program its been going on since 1947 and it gets kids that chance to actually believe in Christmas."--Sergeant Martinez

    Sergeant Martinez has spent two Christmases deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan so he knows first hand what its like to not have a great Christmas.

  "It was very lonely, miss the family a lot.  Just kind of relied on the fellow brothers that I served with and just kind of make it the best that we can."--Sergeant Martinez

  To current soldiers like Sergeant Martinez and Vietnam veterans like Mr. Lloyd King, celebrations in honor of their sacrifice like today gives them the attention, recognition, and appreciation that they deserve.

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