Meet the District Attorney Race Candidates: Keith Stutes

One of the most highly contested races this election has to be the district attorney in the 15th judicial district.

Creole Festival Kicks Off In Opelousas

The annual Holy Ghost Catholic Church Creole Bazaar and Festival is kicked off tonight in Opelousas.

UL Celebrates Homecoming All Week

All week the University of Louisiana has been celebrating homecoming week.

Why not keep Daylight Saving or Standard Time all year?

This Saturday night we set our clocks back one hour before we go to sleep so we can an extra hour of rest. We call this “Standard Time”.Daylight saving time in the U.S.. ends at 2 A.M. local time on November 2nd.

Scientists link 60 genes to autism risk

Researchers have found dozens of new genes that may play a role in causing autism, according to two studies published Wednesday in the medical journal Nature.

Student wins ten thousand dollars for tuition after sinking half court shot

A Bryan College student in Dayton, Tennessee won $10,000 after sinking four shots in a row at a basketball game.

NYC couple lives in 242 sq. ft. apartment for $2,000 per month

How much space do you need to live comfortably? A few bedrooms? A couple thousand square feet? How about 242 square feed for two people?

Your guide to the new Marvel movies

Very few people outside of comic book store regulars knew what "Guardians of the Galaxy" was before this past summer, and yet it's now the biggest movie of 2014 so far.

6 rules for a better Halloween

 Trick-or-treating and dressing in costume have been Halloween traditions for a good long time now, but it seems we're still struggling to get it right.

Dirty tricks of the student loan industry

 The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau put student loan servicers on notice this week with a report detailing industry practices it found suspect.