130K pages of Air Force UFO files posted online

CNN — It's a win for the UFO believers. Secret government files on the possible existence of unidentified flying objects are no longer secret.

Scott Police Chief Chad Leger Announces Candidacy for Lafayette Sheriff's Office

With the announcement of Lafayette Sheriff Mike Neustrom electing to not run for the sheriff’s office after his final year, many have been waiting to hear which candidates would come out wanting to take over.

King Cake Season Means Rickey Meche's Donut King Becomes Parade Goer Hot Spot

Last week we started our journey to find Lafayette’s favorite king cakes and this week we continue with a king cake that is more king in the Acadiana area that cake.

New Kids on the Block announce 2015 tour dates

CNN — It's not over yet for New Kids on the Block. The 80's - 90's group announced it will be touring with TLC and Nelly this Summer.

Brutally Honest: Is it OK to let your child fail?

CNN — Recently, my younger daughter left her class project, a time capsule, at the door so I would see it the minute I got home.

Sitting will kill you, even if you exercise

CNN — One of your favorite activities may actually be killing you.

Super Bowl Fast Facts

CNN — Here's some background information about the Super Bowl, the championship game of the National Football League. The Seattle Seahawks are the 2014 Super Bowl champions.

Baker Hughes Announces 7,000 Jobs to be Cut Due to Falling Oil Prices

Falling oil prices are causing the oil field jobs to go down with them.

The 11 best social media moments at the State of the Union address

CNN — And they say people are disengaged from politics.

Former WWE wrestlers sue over brain damage, other injuries

Two former World Wrestling Entertainment wrestlers are suing the WWE, alleging their old employer ignored or downplayed signs of brain damage and other injuries while it raked in millions.