Lafayette Boy Scouts are Rescue!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011 - 8:35am

UPDATED -- Last night it was an emotional as the six scouts and two scoutmasters saw their loved ones for the first time since leaving for a camping trip last Wednesday.

A massive storm rolled in and high water kept them from leaving the heavily wooded area.

They had no contact with anyone since Thursday.

The brave youngsters said the situation was always under control.

The Arkansas National Guard found the six children and two adults Tuesday night in the Albert Pike Recreation area when they spotted the group's campfire and flashlights.

A helicopter scooped them up at daybreak Tuesday monring.


Original Story -- MONTGOMERY, AR — Six boy scouts and two leaders from Lafayette, La are stranded on a hiking trail in a national park at the Albert Pike Camp Ground. Sources say the boys have been located, are safe, but are currently stranded. Due to rising river levels, the area flooded, leaving the troop stranded on an island.

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office says their responders cannot get to the group because of the heavy rains. Several streams are rising in the area, preventing them from reaching the scouts.

We working to get more information on this story for Fox 15 News Lafayette at 9:00 pm.


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