Group rallies to protect religious freedom from federal mandate

Monday, October 22, 2012 - 12:15pm

 Dozens of people spent their Saturday morning at a standup for religious freedom rally in Baton Rouge.

The group rallied against the HHS mandate on the steps of the state capitol. Event organizers say employers who issue health insurance to workers are forced to violate their religious freedoms under the Affordable Care Act and a mandate by the US Department Health and Human Services. Organizers say under that mandate they'll have to provide birth control and other forms of contraceptives to workers. This would go against their religious beliefs. They they want the mandate to go.

"Remove it and let us have our religious freedom," said event organizer Bob Breaux. "Let us continue to teach in the Catholic Church, Baptist Church, Methodist Church, Lutheran church what our religious foundation says. Not let the government impact us and interfere."

Saturday's event was one of 150 religious freedom rallies held across the United States that day.


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