Road to recovery: Website hopes to help Bonnie Kate gain funds required for rehab

Thursday, August 16, 2012 - 12:15pm

Baton Rouge-native Bonniekate Pourciau was one of those injured in the massacre during the Colorado movie theater shooting. Now, she’s back in Baton Rouge but has a long road to recovery ahead.

The 18 year old has extensive medical bills to pay for the surgery required after she was shot in the knee. Her friends and family have set up a website to pay for those bills as well as her continued rehab, which she is enduring here in Baton Rouge.

So far the donation site has raised $5,600. However, the goal is $100,000 to fully pay for all of her current and future bills.

Coming up on NBC33 News at 5:00, Brix Fowler talks with the teen about her experience and the road she has left to travel.


Bonnie Kate Porciau remembers the day her life changed forever.

"I didn't know if i was going to make it, much less have a leg. I didn't know I was going to make it at all when i was in the theatre," says Porciau.

She made it out alive during the deadly shooting at a Colorado movie theatre less than a month ago. Since that life-changing event she's definitely gone through hard times.

“I didn't know there was such levels of suffering and pain," says Porciau

It's a hurt that doesn't even go away when she falls asleep.

"Almost all of my dreams involve like me in some sort of pain when i'm asleep. I'm still .My leg still hurts. I'll be trying to run, but something will be on my leg or maybe i'll have a sprained ankle," says Porciau

But the love of family and friends has helped her cope with everything she's had to deal with.

"It's been humbling to let others help me and have to receive all of the love that is all around, so many people out of the blue praying, loving us in ways that I didn't know. It's so cool to see," says Porciau.

They've also started a website to help pay the bills that have started to pile up because of all the rehab she's going through and still needs.

"Everyone has provided and given so much. It's mindboggling," says Porciau.

But despite all the ups and downs Bonnie Kate is still the same girl with the same bubbly personality that she was before she walked into that Colorado movie theatre on July 20.

"I'm still Bonnie Kate, regular me. I don't know," says Porciau. 


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