The Voice: Louisiana roots grow strong on the national stage

Tuesday, October 16, 2012 - 11:00am

 If you're a fan of The Voice, then you may know there's a contestant this season with close ties to Baton Rouge. So close, in fact, that I actually went to high school with her dad!

I sat down with Nicole Johnson to talk about her journey from Denham Springs to The Voice.

Her moment on the stage was one that was a long time coming for the 18-year-old, but not as long as most. Nicole sang in public for the first time just four years ago.

"Then, one day, Scott Innes was in there and at the time he was DJ’ing at WYNK, so he said ‘well, look, I have this Christmas song I would love for her to come sing it and I'll play it on the radio."

And sing it she did.

From there, Nicole opened for Lone Star in Biloxi.

"That was the moment when I was like alright, let's go for it,” she said. “And we went to Nashville. Two months later and we didn't stop going back and then finally moved there."

Nicole's been working ever since; writing and making music, working with some of the best in the country music biz. Then, some folks from The Voice found her on the Internet and invited her to come give the show a shot.

“Nicole says it was an opportunity she just couldn't pass up - as was the chance to be on country superstar Blake Shelton's team.”

Speaking of her coach...

"Blake is cooler than he seems. He's awesome. I mean, I think all the coaches fit into their persona you think they are on TV, and I think Blake is by far one of the funniest people I've ever met."

Even her coach's reaction to her first performance on The Voice was pretty funny.

"I kept thinking is this the country version of this song? Or is this Kellee's pop version of this song. Then you said the word thang. You had me at thang!"

I think it's safe to say Nicole had a lot of people at that first song, and with so much personality, charm, and talent on her side, no doubt, millions of viewers, and among them a few south Louisiana fans, will be rooting for this hometown girl to make it all the way.

There are four other contestants on The Voice" with Louisiana connections: Lelia Broussard and Mckenzie Bourg who are both from the Lafayette area, Alexis Marceaux from New Orleans, and Dez Duron from Shreveport.

Make sure to watch them all on The Voice, which airs Monday and Tuesday nights at 8:00 on NBC33!


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