Lafayette costume store proves to be unique

Thursday, October 18, 2012 - 3:24pm

The multi-billion dollar halloween costume industry speaks volumes of everyones spirits this October so I went straight to the source to find out what all of the hype is about
and anyone who is familiar with downtown Lafayette knows what place I am talking about, Old Vogue

 Cherlyn Hebert: "We are not your average costume shop we are a true costume and theatrical rental store were open all year long

Old Vogue has been open for 32 years and seen many halloweens come and go, so while I had one of the original owners, I asked her opinion on why everyone gets so excited about this holiday

Cherlyn Hebert: "People love to dress here in Louisiana because of Mardi Gras, I mean we do that, I mean that's our thing.

So what you may ask makes Old Vogue so special?

Cherlyn Hebert: "We always say we start from the beginning of time we go through all the different time periods up to probably about the 90s.

Cherlyn Hebert: Since were downtown we have people come in from all over the world.

30 minutes in the shop and even I was transported to another era.

From the beginning of time to the present and beyond Old Vogue has it all.

I also talked to a long time employee about her opinion on why people like to go all out for halloween.

 Employee: "Looking forward to dressing up going out and having a good time."

I also asked her if this year looked any different from the years past.

Employee: "Each year is different gets a little bit bigger every year."

So for all of you putting off getting your costume till the last minute word to the wise, dont wait! Old Vogue is known to have lines stretching out into the streets of downtown Lafayette the day before and the day of halloween.

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