Massacre Occurs At Midnight Showing Of Dark Knight Rises

Friday, July 20, 2012 - 6:46pm

Colorado's midnight movie massacre has a Louisiana connection.

Eighteen year old Bonnie Kate Pourciau of Baton Rouge was watching the midnight showing of the Dark Knight Rises in Aurora last night when the suspect twenty four year old James Holmes allegedly opened fire.

Pourciau was hit by a bullet in the knee.

Pourciau spent most of the day in surgery but she's going to be ok.

Sources say Pourciau was in Colorado on a church trip.

A least twelve others were not so lucky.

This is the latest death toll from the shooting at the Century Sixteen movie theatre.

Sources say a few dozen more were injured.

This is the biggest mass shooting Colorado has faced since Columbine in 1999.

The worst shooting in U.S. history was at Virginia Tech in 2007.

Police say the alleged gunman wore an outfit of black ballistic gear had his hair brightly colored and told police that he was the Joker.

The villain in another Batman movie.

It' is believed James Holmes acted alone.

Police say he fired at least seventy one shots and at least two of the four guns he used in the massacre were bought from a local sporting goods store.

They say his home had explosives and was rigged with booby traps.

Holmes is due in court on Monday.

Across the country movie theatres are beefing up security tonight

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