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Mickey Shunick Search On Day Thirty Eight

Tuesday, June 26, 2012 - 9:31pm

People are still searching for Mickey Shunick. on this day thirty eight of the mysterious disappearence of the twenty two year old UL student the friends and family say they're still being positive and optimistic.

Although there have not been any concrete leads since the discovery of Mickey's bicycle at Whiskey Bay, the leads and tips are still coming in to Lafayette Police and to John Abedall.

Abedall is the private investigator hired by the Shunick family.

The media stopped in to the volunteer headquarters today and talked with Mickey's sister to see how the family is holding up.

There are printed pictures, poster's braclets, buttons and tee shirts to help spread the word at the Mickey Shunick headquarters located in the Winwood Shopping Center on Johnston Street.

The tip line is 317- 291-8633 .

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