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ATV ban for children under 12

Tuesday, February 17, 2009 - 10:23am

In South Louisiana getting your first 4-wheeler is something most kids look forward to.

But now, with a new federal law in effect, that won't happen.

Many stores, including Honda of Lafayette, had to stop selling all of its ATVs and dirt bikes targeted to children under the age of12.

The reason is because these machines contain lead in the battery and several other parts.

While the lead it contains is similar to that of your car, because it's targeted to children the new rule ban stores from selling them.

Finance manager for Honda of Lafayette, Jeremy Ayo says "it's going to hurt our business a little bit. Its not he biggest part of our sales but it is a good part of our sales."

Jeremy says, while he is concerned about business slowing down because of this new ban, his biggest concern is what parents will let their children ride now that they can't buy the smaller machine.

"They're going to let them ride dad's. so now you might have a bunch of little children riding their dad's motorcycle or 4-wheeler when they shouldn't be. That vehicle is just to big for them."

Acadiana residents say they think this law has gone too far.

"I grew up on them. We're from the country what do you expect? I think it has gone a little bit too far."

"Its absurd...I mean number one is your kid going to be chewing on dirt bikes?"

But others say as long as it keeps children safe they're okay with it.

"I think it good that they're looking out for the safety of children."

"I think we can go as far as we have to to keep them safe."

For more information on this law and other items that have been recalled you can visit www.Cpsc. gov.