Chamber Guidelines for School Board

Monday, April 20, 2009 - 8:37pm

At the local and state level, the chamber supports legislation that would accomplish the following best practices:
1. Require the school board to function as a policy making body while leaving the operation of the system to the district superintendent, including but not limited to the hiring and firing of personnel.
2. Provide for remuneration for school board service in the form of per diem, as well as for expenses incurred, according to a local board policy, rather than providing a slary.
3. Require school board members to possess a high school degree or equilvalent.
4. Require the state department of education to facilitate governance training for school board members.
5. Provide guidelines that identifies boundaries to ensure freedom from conflict of interest and/or questions of personal gain.
6. Require a two-thirds vote by the school board to hire and fire the sperintendent.
7. Establish term limits for public school board members.