Ducks on a Leash

Wednesday, March 25, 2009 - 7:47pm

“I turned it over, leash law was checked, and it said ducks off property.”

Sandy Sawyer laughs every time she thinks about the animal control citation.

“I came home from my job, and the animal control people had been here, so I’m thinking oh my dog left the property or something,” Sawyer said.

But it’s these bandits that are now in the duckhouse for violating the Iberia Parish leash ordinance requiring property owners to keep their animals contained.

“If they are taken off the property they’re required to be under the control of the owner and on a leash,” Iberia Parish Rabies and Animal Director Michael Stockstill said.

Sawyer says they don’t even own the ducks.

“Ducks fly in and they fly out. We just feed what’s here,” Sawyer said.

Stockstill says these rebels are the barnyard variety.

“They are required to be contained on a persons property,” Stockstill said.

Which means the next time any of these guys try and make a run for that border, they better have on one of these.

Sawyer says they'll try their best.

“Instead of dog walkers you could have like duck walkers maybe,” Sawyer said.