Eyewitness Account of NI Murder-Suicide

Wednesday, April 1, 2009 - 9:29pm

Two people are dead following an apparent murder-suicide outside a New Iberia motel, earlier today.
FNLS Cate Slattery spoke to one man who witnessed the horrific scene.

"When I cut around the corner, the dude had a gun, and he cocked it. I saw he had a gun, so I backed up into the room. He shot her twice in the head and then turned around, put the gun to his head, and shot," Gordon Gary said Wednesday.

The deadly scene unfolded right in front of Gary Wednesday, outside the Southland Inn Motel off Highway 90. Gary was inside his room at around 3:30 when he heard a woman yelling outside by the pool.

"I thought she had fallen down and hurt herself, and when I cut around the corner, that's when I saw the gun and that's when I backed up into the room. He shot her twice and then shot himself in the head,” Gary said.

Gordon called 911. The black female victim and the black male suspect were pronounced dead at the scene.

"The coroner’s office is on the scene and we will try to notify the next of kin as soon as they determine the victim’s identities," Iberia Parish Sheriff’s spokesman, Cpl. Wendell Raborn said.

Witnesses say they believe the victim had just checked in this morning and the shooter may have been her ex-husband.

"She drove this car right here, she was a nurse and she had an old lady in the car with her. She got out, and I think that's her ex-husband or something and they wanted to talk, and that's when it all happened," Gary said.

Gordon’s eyewitness account is now vital to the investigation. As investigators try and piece together the events that led up to this tragic ending.