SPRING FOOTBALL: Replacing Desormeaux

Spring Goal #1: Find a new signal-caller

Tuesday, March 24, 2009 - 5:31pm

The season opener is still six months away but the Cajuns have a problem.

Who is their quarterback?

Michael Desormeaux is gone. So is Tyrell Fenroy but that is a story for another day. No. 6 aint walking back into the huddle this season and that is cause for nightmares at the Bustle household.

Or is it?

Head Coach Rickey Bustle says that he is confident that his team will have success throwing the football this season. The goal now is finding the right arm to throw it. Let's take a look at Bustle's inventory:

If I was a betting man, my stash of cash would be on sophomore Brad McGuire. B-Mac filled in admirably against Arkansas State last season in a come-from-behind win that bumped the Cajuns to a 4-and-3 record. He did toss two INTs in that game, but the 'W' is all that matters. Check!

Although, as promising as my McGuire bet may be, my dollar might have a good chance with Chris Masson as well. As a freshman last season Masson impressed coaches enough in practice to earn some PT late in the year. Against Florida Atlantic he even fired a TD pass. Check for him too!

There are three other names in the hat for Bustle and QB Coach Jorge Munoz to draw from this spring but, really, it seems like a two-horse race. Bustle insists it isn't, but McGuire and Masson have the most experience.

So, B-Mac or Masson? It's a close call.

The interesting thing is that Bustle and Munoz don't seem to want to make the call just yet. UL has two spring scrimmages left and will use those to evaluate their QBs more closely.

McGuire may be the favorite right now but the dark horse often wins by a nose. Masson could still take the reins of this team before the Southern Jags roll into town for a week one matchup this fall.

My guess: B-Mac...and not because I made up that cool nickname for him.

To hear from Jorge Munoz about replacing Michael Desormeaux and what he thinks about this year's crop of signal callers, click here: http://www.kadn.com/sports/spring-football-jorge-munoz