Jindal Makes Important Announcement

Governor Jindal Makes Transportation Funding Announcement in Broussard

Monday, November 19, 2012 - 4:55pm

  Jindal proudly announced today that the government is now investing between $90 and $110 million to fund a project for the widening and construction of i-49 South from north of Ambassador Caffrey Parkway to Albertsons Parkway in Lafayette Parish.  The governor stresses how important this investment is.

  "The reason this is so important, more than 35,000 commuters use this segment of roadway on a daily basis."--Governor Bobby Jindal

  The way they are going to finance the investment is by bonding unclaimed property funds.  They are able to bond these unclaimed property funds because of a bill proposed in the 2011 legislative session that gives the government the authority to bond out these dollars.  Jindal went on to say that completing i-49 South has been the administration's top transportation priority since 2008.  In total, the Jindal administration has invested more than $120 million toward the completion of i-49 South.  The estimated time of completion of the entire i-49 South corridor is early 2017.

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