St. Martinville K9 Cop

Tuesday, February 10, 2009 - 10:33am

Saint Martinville police officer, Durand Hebert, was a little scared the first time he met his new patrol partner.

"Well most people have a preconceived idea that a police dog is just a bite dog and it’s just a biter," then he met boy— Saint Martinville’s new crime fighting weapon, "the dog stays with me, lives with me, and the bond is so intense it’s unbelievable,” Hebert said.

Hebert and boy went through several weeks of training. Now the Belgian Malinois is changing how the department fights crime.

"I think the second day he was here he uncovered five pounds of marijuana," Assistant Police Chief Nary Smith said.

Since then, Boy continues to use his keen sense of smell to uncover narcotics and bust dealers. "Its going to be a big deterrent for guys that are dealing drugs, they’re going to be aware that we got someone that's watching," Assistant Chief Smith said.

With several years of law enforcement training and a sense of smell a hundred times greater than ours. Boy is an expert at tracking criminals.
Just how good is he? We put it to the test.

We've set up a scenario. I'm a criminal that’s just robbed this old Wal-mart, and now I'm hiding in a room in the back of the building. We're going to see just how good this dog actually is.

Within minutes boy found us. Boy can also become a dangerous weapon quickly, so we kept our distance.
When the day is over, Officer Hebert says, the k9 officer just goes back to being a regular dog.