American Sugar Cane League holds annual Sugar Cane Convention

Discuss and teach new innovations and legislation to growers and millers

Wednesday, February 6, 2013 - 3:32pm

The American Sugar Cane League is holding a two day conference at the Lafayette Hilton.  It is a non-profit organization of Louisiana sugar cane growers and processors.  The League's main functions continue to be research, product promotion, education, and public relations.  This information is to be shared and discussed amongst growers and millers of sugar cane at the conference.

"An opportunity for all our growers and millers to get together to talk about the things that effect our industry and research variety and sugar cane production.  Research is always discussed along with milling processes and how to better improve our milling opportunities," says Jim Simon, General Manager of Sugar Cane League.

In addition to that the Sugar Cane League will spend a good bit of time talking about legislative activities, more specifically the Farm Bill in Washington and the sugar cane provisions that are inside that Farm Bill.  They will inform the growers and millers of what is going on and what they are doing to make sure Louisiana's 200 plus year old sugar cane industry continues to thrive.


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