Austin Village subdivision and LCG disagree on connectivity

KADN Staff
Tuesday, June 3, 2014 - 5:58pm

The Homeowners Association in Austin Village off of Verot School Road and the Lafayette City Parish Government are in a dispute right now over whether or not a roadway connection should be made in Austin Village through a newly proposed adjoining neighborhood, Walker's Village Phase II.

Residents of Austin Village are concerned that heavy traffic will be diverted through their neighborhood if the city's proposed connection is built. Brant Logan, president of the Austin Village Homeowner's Association believes the city is misappropriating taxpayer funds in this situation.

The city has gone after subdivisions before to create connectivity. One case between LCG and The Settlement subdivision went as far as the Louisiana Supreme Court. The court ruled in favor of LCG (Lafayette Consolidated Government).

Don Bertrand of District 7, of which Austin Village is a part of, is in favor of connectivity; believing residents of the neighborhood are "driven by fear" of the proposed connection and the possible increase of traffic it may present. Austin Village residents worry that a road connecting Failla Road to their neighborhood via South Michot  Road will cause an increase in traffic to the neighborhood. Especially, since South Michot Road may eventually connect to Ambassador Caffery Parkway.

The Homeowners Association of Austin Village filed suit against Lafayette Consolidated Government, Walker's Village LLC, and the Planning Commission. The courts ruled in favor of Austin Village, but the matter is going to the Planning Commission again with a meeting set 5:30pm on June 9.  


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