Bayou Corne community waits for answers, workers continue testing cavern

Tuesday, September 25, 2012 - 2:00pm

Texas Brine Company says crews are working on using sonar equipment to investigate a brine cavern in Assumption Parish.

Workers reached the top of the cavern over the weekend and later found increased pressure.

People living in that area say they're ready for answers, so they can get back home.

"I can't think to much in advance right now, because I feel like if I do then my mind goes astray and I speculate, " said Bayou Corne resident Christina Cavalier.

People living along Bayou Corne are waiting on word that life can go back to normal.

"Ultimately everything has changed in our lives," said Cavalier.

Cavalier says she won't come home until officials say they know what's caused bubbles on the bayou and a giant sinkhole near her home.

"You do what the best is for your family, and that's what ultimately what I believe this community is doing," said Cavalier.

People living in Bayou Corne say since the sinkhole formed the spirit in their quiet community has changed.

"We used to see boats go up and through here regular for the last for the last month to month and a half I may have seen one maybe two boats that's it," said Bayou Corne resident Duane Bier.

Duane Bier says Saturday night he went to bed feeling safe for the first time in weeks thinking Texas Brine Company didn't find any gas pressure in the cavern.

"I relaxed," said Bier. "I said fantastic we had a reprieve everything is ok."

But when Bier woke up he learned later that night crews found increased gas pressure and an oily substance inside the cavern.

"Somebody don't know what they're doing," said Bier. "I'm not putting anybody down. I'm just two and two are not coming up to four in my books."

Texas brine moved on to phase two of testing in the cavern using diagnostic equipment to monitor what's going on in there. The company says it could tomorrow at the earliest before any answers arrive.

In a statement the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) said it took samples of the natural gas and is working to identify any possible links to the natural gas found in other areas of Assumption Parish. Samples will also be provided to the Shaw Group so the company's experts can assess them and remove natural gas in the Bayou Corne area. The Office of Conservation will continue to maintain a 24/7 presence at the site to ensure public safety and the safety of crews working on the well.

Neighbors say they'll only wait so long for answers.

For now people living in the area say they have been getting better information from Assumption Parish officials. They say it's a big change that has helped make them feel a little bit safer.


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