BESE board members react to letter from Lafayette teacher

BESE pleased with teacher's input

Wednesday, March 13, 2013 - 6:22pm

"There's some issues that should be addressed by a school.  There's other issues that should be addressed by a district, and then there's other issues that should be addressed on a state basis," says Holly Boffy, Secretary and representative of southwest region on BESE board.

Issues Holly Boffy with BESE says were made clear in a letter from a teacher.  After working in the Lafayette school system for more than twenty-five years, Abby Breaux told the school board continual changes to the way things run and lack of discipline in the school system is driving good teachers away, including her.  So what did BESE think of the letter?

BESE members have had an overwhelmingly positive reaction to the letter Abby Breaux presented to the board last week, and they're very ready to start addressing and tackling those issues that have been brought up.  In fact, Boffy says she's grateful.

"I appreciate so much her approach being based on solutions," says Boffy.

So much as that after reading the letter for herself, Boffy reached out to Breaux and scheduled a meeting with her to talk about her concerns.

"One of the most important messages that we need to send to our teachers is that although the changes have come down very fast that this is a marathon not a sprint," says Boffy.

Boffy says the changes will take time, but they want to help.  Something they're looking for as the board tours schools.

"One of the reasons we're doing the tour around the state is to get more feedback from educators from those in the classroom as to how our policies work and how they don't work," says Chas Roemer, President of BESE board.

The board says they plan to address all of the concerns that have been brought up, and they hope together they can find solutions.


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