Brandon Lavergne's letter to the Acadiana Community

Photo by KADN staff

Family friend and headquarter coordinator for Mickey's search efforts Margaret Bearb responds to letter

Thursday, May 30, 2013 - 3:11pm

"I ask the Acadiana community to forgive me and pray for me, and those who cannot I ask them if they are without sin to cast the first stone."

Those are words from Brandon Scott Lavergne in a letter he wrote to the Acadiana community.

"I also ask the community to take another look at the events of May 19 and the summer of 1999 with an open mind, and be willing to accept the truth no matter what the truth is," the letter continues. "It is my hope and prayer that in the coming months people will see who I really am and not the monster they were led to believe, but the sum of those mistakes should not and does not define who I am as a man, father, and son."

Margaret Bearb was there from day one heading up the search efforts for Mickey. She is in complete shock that Lavergne is reaching out to the community that he so badly hurt.

"How does he want us to be open minded when it was a closed case from day one, and he led us to believe she was still alive by not turning in the information and not admitting it from the beginning. Even knowing that we were searching day and night, 24-hours a day, bringing in people from all over the United States. It's just hard to fathom," says Margaret Bearb, headquarter coordinator at South College location and family friend of Shunick family.

Lavergne ends his letter by telling the community that he is praying for everyone, and asks for the same in return.

"It has scarred us. The family is so scarred by his actions, and to think that he wants people to pray for him...Oh some people are, but it's not for maybe what he thinks," Beard said in reaction.

She hopes he does the right thing, and leaves the community alone for good. She also has an important message for Acadiana. Margaret is thanking everyone in the community that came out last summer in the search for Mickey. From day one, it was a community effort that was able to catch Brandon Lavergne and finally lay Mickey to rest.


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If Brandon S Lavergne was sincere in his plea for forgiveness & prayers. He would cease his game playing and impotent attempts of manipulation. BSL, did not begin his evil trail of terror on 05/19/2012 and has many unknown innocent rape and murder victims, imo. If sincere, BSL will give up their names.

FBI Definition of Serial Murder: The unlawful killing of two or more victims by the same offender(s), in separate events.

'Return to Sender-Address Unknown'.. "If Brandon S. Lavergne truly wants forgiveness & Prayers. He will reveal his many unknown innocent victims and cease his impotent attempts at manipulation...
09/2/2005 FBI Serial Killer Definition; Serial Murder: The unlawful killing of two or more victims by the same offender(s), in separate events...


yeah,close him with me in the same room for 1 min and will save the coonasses a lot of money and prayers for him,i can't believe this is news,don't even bother mention his name ever if you have some sympathy for the victim !!!

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