Bring the spirit of the World Cup into your kitchen

Sunday, June 22, 2014 - 9:00am

After a riveting win in Round One versus Ghana, fans of Team USA are gearing up for Sunday's World Cup matchup with Portugal. We have got some ideas on how you can capture the flavor of Brazil on game day.

Outside of Brazil, it’s tough to recreate that festive spirit of Rio during the World Cup.

The festive flavors, however, not as much of a stretch.

“A lot of spice, a lot of rich complex flavors, a lot of that comes from the West African influence in Brazil and the heritage that's grown there throughout the years,” said Executive Chef Matt Britt of Washington's Ceiba restaurant drew inspiration from two places for a world cup menu.

First, Brazil's traditional cuisine.

“I'm going to season the pork belly very aggressively with salt and pepper on both sides.//We're going to cook this on a plancha, which is a large flattop. Give it a nice even sear, used a lot in Latin America,” Chef Britt explained.

And in the spirit of a sporting event that spills out of the stadiums, the country's street vendors.

“Everyone realizes if they do go to Brazil or if they've gone to a foreign country, that's the place to really get the most authentic food, is from the street vendors,” Chef Britt told CNN.

One result, a breakdown of the classic Portuguese stew considered a national dish in Brazil: Feiojada with beans, beef, and pork.

“Chilis, onions, garlic.//Miso is not something traditionally used when making this dish in the Serra Pelada, Brazil but it gives it a nice like unctuousness and umami flavor.//We'll take my crispy pork belly drop it into my sauce,” Chef Britt said.

And since each game ends in a celebration for at least half of the fans:

“We have Palma Louca and Xingu. Xingu is a really dark kind of stout lager, Palma Louca, nice, light refreshing for the warm days down in Brazil,” Chef Britt explained.

Or toast a goal with Brazil’s national cocktail, the Caipirinha made with sugar, lime and cachaca, a hard liquor that comes from sugar cane.


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