Cajundome renovation plans underway

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Looking to start inside renovations this fall

Wednesday, February 26, 2014 - 4:08pm

After talk of renovations for two to three years the Cajundome is finally acting on it.  The Cajundome board can finally act on a major portion of the renovation plan because they now have the ability to sell about $16 million worth of bonds.  With that money they can make significant improvements inside the arena, including insulation of a clubhouse.

"It's going to enhance the experience of the patron.  The other thing it's going to do is give us the ability to compete more effectively with other facilities around the country because promoters obviously want to sell tickets and they will be able to sell more tickets now here at the Cajundome, make more money, and therefore give us the ability to make a better case for them to bring their events to the Cajundome," says Greg Davis, Director of the Cajundome.

The renovations will upgrade and modernize the Cajundome, with a cost estimate at $18.9 million.  The board is looking at starting construction in the fall of this year with the bulk of the construction taking place in late May through October in 2015.  The arena will be closed during that period.  The plan is to re-open the arena for the next major LAGCOE event in late 2015.


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