City officials urge public to stay safe around garbage trucks, service vehicles this summer

Photo by KADN staff

Parents warn children to stay safe while playing in the street

Friday, July 4, 2014 - 10:14am

Summer has arrived, school is out and vacation time is in full swing.  For parents it's crucial to discuss outdoor safety with children, reminding them to watch for waste trucks while maintaining a safe distance as they play.

"Garbage trucks are big and their bulky because they pick up a lot of waste, and they're out there on the road early in the morning and all day long.  Also, young kids are out there they're enjoying the summer, they're on their bicycles, they're walking.  Parents need to make their children aware, be safe on the roads," says Mark Pope, Environment Quality Manager for LCG.

Because waste trucks are so big there are a lot of blind spots as well.  Tell your children to beware of the beeping sound when trucks back up, and always stay a considerable distance away at all times, front and back.


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