Clergymen bring stats to Capitol to persuade Gov. Jindal to reconsider tax plan

Friday, March 22, 2013 - 3:04pm

Dozens of pastors, priests and clergymen from across the state came together again to speak out against Governor Jindal's tax reform plan.

This time they came with hard numbers.

Stats they say prove the Governor's tax plan will only hurt low and working class families. They say they're hoping the Governor hasn't seen these stats yet and that he'll reconsider his proposal.

"The Governor has said from the very beginning that his proposal was not etched in stone,” Rev. Melvin Rushing, Baton Rouge pastor, said. “So we're just hoping that as we continue to delve into tit and find new data that it will give him pause and maybe perhaps re-think what he's actually proposing."

More than 300 clergymen have signed a letter asking the Governor to remove his tax plan from the table. They say they need to stand up for those who don't have a voice.


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