Community flocks to gas special to pinch pennies at the pump

Photo by KADN staff

$2.49 a gallon at the Hit N Run on Ambassador Caffrey and Cameron Street

Wednesday, May 8, 2013 - 1:06pm

Would you like prices to go down a whole dollar?  That's what happened at the Hit N Run on the corner of Ambassador Caffrey and Cameron Street today.  $2.49 a gallon!  99.9 KTDY spread the word throughout the community, and got a big result.

"It's great!  I saved up all week so my tank was empty so I get to fill it up today," says Belinda Eichor.

"Oh yea!  I filled up my tank for $40.00, it was awesome!  I loved it," says Sheli Credeur.

"Well we seen a bunch of cars, and then we heard it was free drinks and the cheaper gas so it's a really good price to get some gas right now," says Tessle Maire.

Lines circled around the parking lot with people waiting to fill up their tanks while the gas was so much cheaper.  The gas special ran throughout the early part of the day until 1 pm this afternoon.


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