DOC: Career criminal will not be released following recent arrest

Photo provided by the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office.
Friday, October 11, 2013 - 5:08pm

A man who was arrested in Baton Rouge after fleeing from deputies will remain locked up in the Lafayette Parish Prison due to his extensive criminal history, according to the Department of Corrections.

Damon Henderson, 38, has a criminal history that goes back to June 1992. Since then he has racked up 24 arrests. The vast majority include burglary and armed robbery. However, the longest sentence served was five years.

Henderson was arrested in June 2008 for nine counts of Burglary, Possession of Stolen Things. Somehow he managed to escape from the jail where he was being held, but was taken back into custody on July 3, 2008. He remained in prison until his release on Oct. 3, 2012.

After his release, Henderson was placed on parole until July 2, 2018. He was arrested again on Tuesday, Oct. 8 after he allegedly burglarized a home in Lafayette Parish. His vehicle was spotted fleeing the scene, but deputies were forced to terminate the chase.

“Henderson refused to stop for pursing deputies and reach speeds up to 115 miles per hour,” Cpt. Kip Judice, Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office, said. “Based on the road conditions on S. Fieldspan, the amount of traffic on the roadway and the speeds of the suspect vehicle, deputies terminated the pursuit.”

Several hours later, his vehicle was spotted by a West Baton Rouge Parish deputy. When the deputy attempted a traffic stop, he took off at a high rate of speed. He was captured after he crashed his vehicle in Baton Rouge city limits.

“He got trapped between two 18-wheelers,” Sheriff Mike Cazes, West Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office, said. “After he crashed, he got out the car and took off running.”

Once apprehended, he was transported to a local hospital for treatment of minor injures sustained during the crash.
The day after his arrest, the Acadia Parish Sheriff’s Office announced that Henderson had been identified as a suspect for a burglary that happened on September 30, 2013. He was arrested for an additional charge of Simple Burglary from that parish.

Although Henderson was issued at $25,000, the Department of Corrections has no intentions of letting him walk free.
“We will serve him with notice that he is in violation of his parole,” a representative for DOC told NBC33 News.

Henderson will be allowed the option to admit guilt or face a parole hearing. Both options, however, will result in his return to prison.

Below is a partial list of his prior arrests. They span several parishes throughout Louisiana.

  • June 1992 Conspiracy to commit burglary
  • August 1992 simple burglary, simple battery and unauthorized entry
  • August 1992 Poss of stolen things
  • April 1993 Probation violation
  • September 1993 Poss of stolen things/simple burglary
  • April 1994 Poss of stolen things
  • August 1995 Poss of stolen vehicle
  • August 1997 Fugitive from justice
  • March 2002 Simple burglary
  • August 2003 Theft
  • July 2006 Probation violation
  • January 2007 Felon in possession of firearm, possession of stolen things, possession of schedule II drugs, battery on a police officer
  • February 2007 Armed Robbery, Theft
  • July 2008 9 counts of burglary
  • July 2008 Possession of stolen things
  • July 2008 Burglary, theft




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