Doctors warn of a rapidly spreading stomach bug that attacks with a vengeance

Monday, January 28, 2013 - 8:00pm

Doctors say the stomach flu has started to surface and spread across the U.S. Although it's taking more victims in the northern part of the country, doctors here in south Louisiana say they're seeing lots of cases right here as well.

The problem, Dr. Melissa Love with the Ochsner Clinic, says is the virus has the ability to spread before symptoms even start showing.

"The reason it's so severe is because it's spread by contact,” she said. “It can also be spread by sneezing and coughing as well and the symptoms hit you pretty rapidly. The symptoms come on and it's like you've been hit by a truck."

Dr. Love notes that it's essential to wash your hands and stay away from others who might be sick to avoid getting the virus. She also warns that the flu shot will not protect you from this virus.


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