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Dr. Charles Boustany takes time to celebrate victory at election party Saturday night

Celebrate the win and get back to work

Monday, December 10, 2012 - 3:14pm

The newly elected US Representative Charles Boustany is returning to congress for a 5th term after defeating fellow republican running mate Jeff Landry.  Excitement was in the air at Congressman Boustany's election party Saturday night as everyone intently watched and anticipated the results of the runoff.  As Boustany entered his party, which was held at the old Lafayette's Schilling Shack, cheers erupted from the crowd as they waited for Boustany to speak.  An excited Boustany did not disappoint the crowd as he celebrated his victory alongside his family, but tells us that he is ready to buckle down and get back to work.

"Well this campaign's over and I'm ready to get back to work.  I've always been about doing the work that the people elected us to do and working to earn that trust every single day and that's what motivates me to do this and I'm eager to get back to work.  We've got big challenges facing the 3rd Congressional District, our state, and our country and it's time to settle in and get back to work," says Congressman Boustany.

The first things on Congressman Boustany's agenda are the fiscal cliff issue, budget problems, needing to cut spending, health care, national security issues, tax reform, and getting people back to work creating jobs.  Former Congressman Jeff Landry issued out a statement saying,

"It has been a true honor to represent the great people of Louisiana's 3rd Congressional District.  I thank my constituents for the privilege they have placed upon me to be their conservative voice in congress.  I want to congratulate Charles and his family.  Although the results are not what we wanted, I can assure you that our fight for lower taxes, less debt, and more jobs, especially oil and gas jobs, continues tomorrow."


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