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Elizabeth Sumrall reflecting and moving on after Aurora shooting

Friday, July 27, 2012 - 2:15pm

 Less than a week ago Elizabeth Sumrall and her best friend Bonniekate Porciau stepped in to a crowded theater in Aurora, Colorado, they left it forever changed.

"I will never see things the same. You know when you see things on the news it's like, 'I will know, I was there.' You need people to love you, you need people to care about you, you need people to pray for you," Sumrall explained.

It’s a change Elizabeth’s father said he can already see in his daughter.

"I began to see Elizabeth just transition in her thinking from 'God, why did you let this happen to us?' to 'God, why have you been so good to both of us? Why have you been so gracious to have allowed us to be loved so dearly?,’" Randy Sumrall, Elizabeth’s father, added.

Elizabeth is wasting no time in getting back in to the swing of things, she spent her first day setting up for a charity garage sale on plank road.

"This is like a huge part of my life. And I would not miss it for the world. i am encouraged and excited."

While Elizabeth is easing back in to her life her thoughts are still with Bonniekate. She knows in the weeks and months to come the 18 year-old will have to deal with many ups and downs.

"It’s like, as the weeks wear on and this dies down, she'll still be dealing with surgeries and rehab, and pain. And this is going to be with her for a long time. But she has a great support group here, her family is wonderful."

Elizabeth Sumrall said she's been on the receiving end of that support as well.

Thoughts and prayers, she says, are what gave her and Bonniekate the strength to see the good in people despite being involved in a national tragedy.

"Seeing the light coming through, and the things God is doing, you can't live in the darkness because the light is overcoming the darkness."

Now she said it's time to pray for one more person, the man responsible for the mass murder.

"We don't want people to hate him, we want people to pray for him."

Sumrall also told NBC33’s Alex Deiro that Bonniekate is still in the hospital in Baton Rouge. She was able Thursday to see her six brothers and sisters who were delighted to see her.


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