Entergy's "Arc and Spark" demonstration teaches students the dangers of electricity

Students from South Louisiana Community College participate in safety demonstration

Tuesday, March 26, 2013 - 2:50pm

Representatives from Entergy took time out of their day today to provide safety tips to students at SLCC.  Students in the electrician program at SLCC got a first-hand look at safety around power lines with a demonstration by Entergy linemen.

"This shows our students that there's danger with electricity, and how dangerous it can be.  You don't have to actually touch it, that it will reach out and touch you instead," says Merlin Landry, professor of industrial electronics at SLCC.

Entergy's Arc and Spark demonstration is designed to show what can happen if a person comes in contact with a live electrical line.  Professors at SLCC look forward to making this demonstration an annual event for the students in the electrician program.


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