Gas Prices On Decline, But How Does Lafayette Feel About the Prices?

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Friday, August 1, 2014 - 3:06pm

Gas prices are much like Louisiana weather, meaning they can fluctuate at any moment. Unlike the temperatures that are on the rise, gas prices locally and nationally are on the decline.

Average retail gasoline prices in Louisiana have fallen 4.6 cents per gallon over the past few weeks while the national average has fallen 4.9 cents. That means for the state of Louisiana are approximately 14.2 cents lower than the same time last year and even a 13.9 cent difference from last month at this time.

With the gas prices finally taking a bit of needed relief off drivers wallets, we took out to the street to see what you, the consumer, thinks about the current prices: 

Jan Menard of Lafayette: "I think that for living in the heart of gas country and oil that we pay way too much."

Mary Broussard of Carencro: " I feel it is ridiculously high cause people are trying to make ends meet as it is today. We always talk about how the economy is growing and growing, but the people's salary is not going anywhere."

Danny Gilbeau of Lafayette: "When I was growing up, I'm from the old school and you know it is just way too high right now. I don't know what can be done."

Miguel Macis of Lafayette: "It fluctuates so you never know. From one day to another its going up, it's going down. You have to buy gas whether you want to or not."

Frank Broussard of Lafayette: "Well I am glad that I can do my part to support the life styles of my friends and relatives in the oil field."

The drop in gas prices during the middle of the Summer has been welcome relief to families and individuals alike who are hitting the roads during the peak of the summer driving season. So if you have been planning a road trip, now would be the best time to jump in the car and take advantage of the decline in gas prices. 


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