Geologist, UL professor Dr. Carl Richter's research findings could affect oil and gas exploration

Photo by KADN staff

Deep water oil and gas exploration opens up endless possibilities for the future

Friday, July 18, 2014 - 8:59am

A geologist, professor and researcher at UL, Dr. Carl Richter, is one of 35 scientists from 14 countries who participated in an integrated ocean drilling program expedition two years ago.  During their exploration they found new evidence of "a deep-earth tectonic pulse" in the region, which opens up a world of opportunity for deep water oil and gas exploration.

"Those are places where classically people have not looked for oil and gas, so this opens up a whole new field of possibilities that we did not know existed before.  Without real-life experiences it's just textbook knowledge so I think it brings a lot to the classroom as well," says Dr. Carl Richter, geologist in UL's School of Geosciences.

Dr. Richter says the sediments collected during the expedition indicate that "oceans and climate are closely linked," and that the thickness, extent and properties of these sands make them an ideal target in places where they are buried deeply enough to allow for the trapping of oil and gas.


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