Gold becoming harder to find--impacting local business owners

Buyers and sellers not able to find gold and silver

Wednesday, April 17, 2013 - 4:03pm

The price of gold logged it's biggest decline in one day in more than thirty years this Monday. While gold is becoming harder to find, silver is even harder to get a hold of, which is impacting many local investors in Acadiana.

"There's very few sellers, there's a tremendous amount of buyers and even want-to-be buyers. The want-to-be buyers are the people who want to buy it, but there's nothing to be had, and I've gotten where I'm getting kind of nervous about trying to sell things that I don't have," says Louis Pizzolatto, owner of Coin and Treasure.

Which is a usual thing for Pizzolatto to do when the market is steady. In his thirty years of experience, Pizzolatto says the market will get back to normal within a month, but until then he and every other buyer and seller will be extra careful in the way they are doing business.


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