GRAPHIC WARNING: Cat found hanging from noose, family suspects hate crime

Wednesday, October 10, 2012 - 11:00am

 A disturbing investigation has been launched in East Feliciana after an elderly man woke up Sunday morning to find that someone had killed and strung up his 6-month-old cat, leaving it hanging from a noose in his front yard.

“Whoever would do something like that to an innocent kitten, they are definitely trying to send a message,” Sandra Johnson, daughter of homeowner Jarriet Boatner, said.

Sandra contacted NBC33 News on Monday, Oct. 8 after the gruesome discovery was made at her father’s home. The subject line of her email simply read, “hate crime.”

“That’s the stuff they used to do a long time ago. Hanging different kinds of stuff,” Boatner said when explaining why he believed this to be a hate crime. “Exactly what happened to that cat there is what they used to do.

Click Here to see a photograph of the cat as it was found by the family. Warning, this is a graphic image.

“I thought we was done with that kind of stuff,” he continued. “They still got people in this world that do those kinds of things.”

Sandra believes this incident is connected to prior problems at her father’s home.

“They go inside his house and turn things upside down,” she said. “Intimidation is what it is.”

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