Gun owners still hope for more protection under proposed state laws

Photo by KADN staff.
Thursday, May 16, 2013 - 4:44pm

For almost six months David Reynerson hasn't been able to keep semi-automatics in stock, as soon as the guns come in, they’re sold out. He believes customers are still worried the federal government will try to outlaw those guns.

"We’re surprised. I never thought that the industry could sustain this type of energy this long. And we always said we didn't think it would last all year. But we're almost halfway through the year and it's still there. And supply has not kept up with demand," said Reynerson, general manager at Bowie Outfitters.

But a law that would stop the federal government from doing banning semi-automatic weapons, at least in Louisiana, is still in the works.

"It’s good for the people of the state, you know the state being the state government, it's made up of people like us. The guys that buy them legally and use them for recreation, or to protect themselves. I don't think that should be infringed upon," Reynerson explained.

Several gun ownership bills that were on the verge of being made in to law were put off Thursday. Lawmakers have said they're still confident about getting these laws on the books.

"They’ve been moved from this week to next week. We fully believe they'll be brought up and passed in the full senate next week and will shift to the governor for his signature or back here for concurrence," explained Representative Jeff Thompson, an author of one of those bills.

Reynerson said while the rush on guns and ammo has business booming, he would still like to see those bills made into law.

"It’s almost like, it's just a fact that there's a problem out there. They want to protect themselves and their families, and they want to make sure that they can continue to carry guns."

Those bills were pushed back for debate next week.


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