Health tips from nutritionist starting the new year

All about portion control

Thursday, January 3, 2013 - 3:34pm

With the new year brings many setting goals and resolutions, and many revolve around healthy eating habits and excercising.  Lafayette General's Nutrition Services Supervisor, also a Registered Dietician, says the number one problem we tend to come across here in South Louisiana is everyone's love for food.  With the love for food, portion control is a main issue.  Over indulging in our favorite foods is a common mistake most of us tend to make.  If you are trying to get healthy this year, make sure to abide by this important tip.

"The first thing you want to remember though is don't make your goals so broad and so big that you know you can't accomplish them.  Start in small steps, for an example, if you don't eat vegetables start incorporating a vegetable at least one meal one time a day," says Rosalind Allen, Nutrition Services Supervisor, Registered Dietician.

Another way to control your portions is to use "My Plate."  This shows you how much of each type of food to put on your plate so you are able to see the size in portions you need to consume.  You can find these plates at any children's section in a grocery store.  If you tend to eat out a lot also be careful of the portions you are given.  Most restaurants serve bigger portions than you need to consume, and always drink water to rehydrate yourself.


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