Healthy eating of chilren in America being highly advocated

Tuesday, September 11, 2012 - 4:43pm

Over the last 40 years obesity rates in children have skyrocketed. According to the American College Of Sports Medicine, more than 23 million children and teens, in the U.S., ages two to 19, are overweight or obese. these children are at greater risk of having heart problems, joint pain, sleep apnea, even psychological problems.

Therefore as school starts, health officials are suggesting ways to make sure your child has a healthy school year.
During the summer many kids get out and play, but as classes begin, they tend to sit more. Fitness experts recommend you make sure to let your children play at least thirty minutes to an hour after they get home from school and that doesn't mean in front of a tv but instead getting out and moving.

Pack a healthy lunch and if your kids buy lunch, stress the importance of eating a balanced meal, which most schools now provide.
Take your child for a physical know their body mass index, which indicates if they are overweight.

If they are participating in a sport, make sure they get the ok from their doctor that they are healthy enough to participate and wherever possible, have your children walk to school and other activities.

Studies show kids who walk are leaner and fitter than those who take the bus or are driven everywhere. 



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