How can you help protect kids from vehicle-related heatstroke?

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Mid-summer temperatures in Louisiana hot, even hotter in vehicles

Thursday, July 3, 2014 - 4:35pm

A hot topic all over the nation right now, especially in the dead heat of summer, is how can we help protect kids from vehicle-related heatstroke.  About forty children die in the US every year after being left in vehicles.  With temperatures in Louisiana reaching into the 90s during many summer days the risk of heatstroke in vehicles greatly increases, but in a vehicle the temperature can be dangerous even on cooler days.

"The most serious thing that goes along with leaving a child in a hot car is death.  It's a slow, painful process for them having them being overheated in that car because it does get hot very fast if it's not already hot to begin with.  They will end up having shutdown of vital organs, they will go unconscious and then eventually multi-organ failure causing them to pass," says Stephanie Aldret, Family/Sports Medicine Physician at Regional Primary Care in Sports Medicine.

If having a child with you happens to be out of your routine, there are some things to help you remember the precious cargo in the back.  Putting something important in the backseat with that child, for example one of your shoes, so that when you reach a stopping point you must reach back to get your shoe reminding you there is a child in the backseat.


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