Hundreds of new laws go into effect August 1

Thursday, August 2, 2012 - 12:00pm

 Beginning August first registered sex offenders in the state of Louisiana are banned from social networking sites like Facebook and Myspace, but for some parents the newest laws still may not be strict enough.

"I don't trust it. I think they can still have access to the kids. Whether they're registered or not," Genea Forchion, a mother of two, said.

"It seems like the resources are limitless. You really can't control who or what happens. It’s just an open playing field," Lauren Jackson, an expectant mother, added.

Kurt Wall, with the Attorney General's Criminal Division admits it may be a little difficult to find those predators hiding their identity, but he’s promised police are already on the look-out for those preying on kids.

"We'll be vigilantly watching these social networking sites in attempts to find sexual predators that are trying to contact our children," Wall explained.

He stressed the law is not meant to be a cure-all to the problem tough, it's just another tool in the ever expanding tool belt.

"It’s not going to be the only effective means of stopping that conduct but like i said, it's another tool. And we want all the tools we can use," Wall added.

The first time any sex offender is caught on these social networking, he or she will face a ten year sentence. And repeat offenders can expect to spend upwards of 20 years in jail.

But that’s only one of the more than 500 laws going into effect August. Here's a look at some of the other major laws that take effect today across the state:

• Starting this school year, all parents of public school students are required to go to at least one parent-teacher conference.
• Women seeking abortions will be required to get an ultrasound 24 hours before the procedure and have the option of hearing a fetal heartbeat.
• Another new law will increase penalties for battery of an active duty member of the military or disabled vet.
• Also going in to effect today, impersonating someone on line, could also land you some jail time.
• And those convicted of killing taxicab driver's could be sentenced to death.


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