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Joe Biden to face off against Paul Ryan in Vice Presidential debate

Wednesday, October 10, 2012 - 4:41pm

Vice President Joe Biden is gearing up to face off against his Republican opponent, Paul Ryan.
The two are scheduled to debate tomorrow in Kentucky. 

It started with a warm handshake and smiles all around.
A friendly start to the Vice Presidential Debate in 2008, which pitted Washington veteran Joe Biden against a then relative newcomer to the national stage, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.
Biden was on his best behavior carefully aiming his attacks at her running mate John Mccain, not at Palin herself and that was by design.

Despite a lack of substance in many of her answers, analysts say Palin did just fine in that debate partly because Biden allowed her to.
Later this week, Biden will be on the debate stage once again against a much more seasoned politician this time and he is expected to come out swinging.
Vice Presidential debates have been contentious in the past.
In 1984, then Vice President George H.W. Bush seemed condescending towards his opponent, congresswoman Geraldine Ferraro. 

In 1988, Dan Quayle's self comparisons to John F. Kennedy drew a blistering response from his opponent Lloyd Bentsen.
Vice President Dick Cheney and Senator John Edwards barely kept their debate civil in 2004 with Cheney blasting Edwards for his attendance record in Congress.
In Thursday's debate, Biden is expected to go after Paul Ryan on issues like Medicaid, Social Security, and Foreign Policy. 
The personal moments could matter too.
Biden showed his emotional side during his last debate: 
 Because the two men have never debated each other, in this debate, just like last week's anything could happen.



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