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Kid undergoes special brain surgery

Monday, October 29, 2012 - 7:24pm

When Collin Landry was born earlier this year his father noticed his nose looked a little crooked little did his parents know the issue went much further than that.

A series of doctors appointments and numerous consultations led Collin and his parents to a visit with doctor Darric Baty. A Pediatric Neurosurgeon with the kids specialty center on the women's and children's hospital campus where Collin was later diagnosed with a type of Craniosynostosis.

Dr Darric Baty Pediatric Neurosurgeon:
Craniosynostosis is um early premature fusion of the sutures of the skull a fused suture doesn't allow the skull to grow.

So why you might ask is this such a serious issue?

Dr Darric Baty Pediatric Surgeon:
"If the skulls not growing but the brain is growing then theres going to be a an increase in pressure.

There are also severe physical formalities with Craniosynostosis

Dr Darric Baty Pediatric Surgeon:  "The suture causes flatening of the forehead and the nose kind of turns to one side and it can be very dramatic."

Dr Baty explains that there is no medication for this formality so surgery is the only way to fix it and what happens if it is not fixed?

Dr Darric Baty Pediatric Surgeon:
"There would be continued cosmetic deformity which um most of the time unfortunately is not mild or minor."

Not only physical the premature suture lines can also lead to different Neurological issues."

Brittany Bodden: "Treatment involved a five hour surgery and Dr. Baty says the reason this surgery is so succesful is because of the teamwork involved."

Dr Darric Baty Pediatric Surgeon
"Having a team approach having a Plastic Surgeon Craniofacial plastic surgeon to come and for us to work together I think is what really makes this a very high level high quality um program that were trying to build."

With the help of Doctor Hugo St. Hilaire a plastic and reconstructive surgeon that specializes in craniofacial surgery Collins surgery was a complete success.

Dr Darric Baty:
"So basically we kind of fix everything in one place with these resorbable plates that will eventually go away in the process of correcting the deformity um we are expanding the skull and we are bringing that bringing this side back out and giving the brain more room"

collin recently had his first post-op appointment and seems to be doing great

Doctor:  "His incisions healing nicely and um he has a very good cosmetic result."

An amazing surgery especially considering doctors say this is a pretty rare condition.


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