LA Insurance Commissioner wants you to be prepared this hurricane season

Thursday, May 29, 2014 - 4:55pm

Hurricane season starts Sunday, and now is the time to make sure you have your insurance policies together.

The Louisiana Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon said a less active forecast shouldn't be an indication to let your guard down.

"Well the good news is that the projections are for a less active hurricane season than we've seen in recent years," Donelon said. "All that to say, it only takes one."

Donelon said now is the time where you should be taking precautions.

"Get with your agent, do an inventory of your insurance needs, know what your coverage is and what it's not, access the federal flood insurance programs and prepare as you evacuate, and even if you don't evacuate, to file a claim by having documentation of what assets you have in place," Donelon suggested.

Donelon also suggested to take pictures of all of your belongings to make sure you have everything that's important to you accounted for.

"Something that's helpful any time of year, to have such an inventory and documentation of what you have insured, what valuables you have in place in that property that could be destroyed in a fire, or a collapsing roof, or any such covered event," Donelon said.

That's exactly what Libby Breedlove's doing, especially going into the hurricane season and after the heavy rains we've had this week.

""I certainly have insurance on my home. You know, people have antique furniture. You have all kinds of things that you, sometimes you don't remember what all you have so you know, especially in a disaster," Breedlove said. "Stock up on supplies that you always need during hurricanes. Don't wait until it's here, you know, because then the stores are running out of everything so yeah it's very important to be prepared."

For a strategic plan on everything you need to do to get ready for hurricane season, you can click the link below: 


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