La Poussiere Cajun Dancehall dealing with damages from yesterday's tornado

Hardest hit areas in Breaux Bridge, La

Friday, January 11, 2013 - 5:10pm

La Poussiere Cajun Dancehall is a trademark on the town of Breaux Bridge.  This historic dancehall has always prided itself on preserving the traditional cajun music, and was one of the first dancehalls that people started attending.  La Poussiere has been a part of owner, Lawrence Patin's, family since his parents started the establishment in 1955.

"We've had damage from storms, but not really as extensive as we're looking at today," says Lawrence Patin, owner of La Poussiere.

There is extensive damage to the roof, rafters and sheet rock.  The entire kitchen side must be replaced and the electrical system restored.  Patin talks about how he felt when he first saw the damage of yesterday's tornado.

"My heart came in my throat, you know.  It was heart-wrenching," says Patin.

Patin was in Mississippi at the time of the tornado and had to hear about the distruction from people posting pictures on social media sites.  Community support, like C & J Construction out of Breaux Bridge starting the reconstruction on this place as early as Monday, is truly helping this family-owned business through this time of need.

"It's a good feeling after dealing with these people for years, that they would do that.  They could have told me to keep your merchandise, you know, we don't take it back.  They didn't do that so its these little things that count," says Patin.

Patin says he runs this historic place for the love of it, it is not his livlihood, but it is a part of his family.  He says that it seems the community wants La Poussiere to come back, so they will start the renovations and have it up and running as soon as time allows.


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Many thanks to Mr. Patin for being a person who appreciates and does something positive for the Cajun heritage.

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